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"The Duke of Urls,Duke of Url, Dukeofurl, duke+of+url, TheDukeofUrls, The+Duke+of+Urls,Powered by"The Duke of  Urls" is my alias on the internet.  My name is "Duke" R. L Theall.  I own the Domain Name TheDukeofUrls.com.  I was called "Bebop" by a lot of gals and than finally I was dubbed "The Duke" in 1980 when I was a singing DJ in the Bay Area in Northern California.  At the time I was known as "The Duke of Juke" due to my uncanny ability to impersonate numerous singing artist. That alias stuck with me for quite some time.  Shortly after, I became known as "The Duke of Urls" due to my internet savvy - experience with the internet.  I have been involved with the internet since 1981 when Prodigy, AOL, and Compuserve were the big three. Otherwise the only other sites that were available were BBS (Bulletin Board Sites). Note: not to be confused with the singular term Duke of Url, Dukeofurl, Duke+of+url    DEMO

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